Eco cottage Gaj

Technology detox holidays on island Šolta

Eco-cottage Gaj is a paradise for technology detox holidays. If you are a mindful traveler that wants to disconnect from the world and reconnect with yourself in pristine nature of island Šolta are welcome. No neighbors, no crowd, no noise, no internet, only you, crickets and waves. The only companion that will keep an eye on you will be a small turtle that felt good vibes on the garden and decided to stay. Also, 15 min walking distance from Gaj you’ll find Iko’s farm with ostriches and taste their local products. This place is introvert-friendly and thus ideal for meditation solo retreat and yoga holidays, especially in spring and autumn. Come alone or invite a group of eco-friendly enthusiasts with you, we promise you’ll return relaxed and energized. For more health, visit Tvrdić honey farm and bee different!

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