Eco accommodation in Croatia

Dalmatia Green certificate

What is required for Dalmatia Green certificate?

Water flow reducers

We encourage accommodations to reduce water consumption by using water flow reducers. Water flow reducers are nozzles which are attached to the water tap to reduce the amount of water from the average 12 to 6 litres per minute or less and to strengthen the water jet. The tourist accommodation should raise awareness among guests of saving water.

Organic or local food

The food used in the composition of menus should be mostly seasonal, organic and locally produced. Traditional dishes from local and regional cuisine should be proposed. Organically grown ingredients should be indicated on the menu. No usage of GMO. Serve tap water or mineral water in a glass, from springs located in the region or the surrounding regions.

Energy saving lights

The tourist accommodation can reduce electricity consumption by using energy saving lamps. They use up to 80% less energy easily and effectively. At least 80% of the light bulbs within the accommodation shall have an energy efficiency of Class A.

Waste recycling

A guest shall receive information about the need for waste separation and recycling. Garbage bins for recycling paper, glass, plastic and cans are available to guests in public areas. Waste (residual waste, paper, plastic, organic waste, glass) shall be separated, recycled and disposed in an appropriate manner.

Ecological cleaning products

Cleaning products used for the cleanliness of rooms, for laundry and dishes shall be made from natural products. Detergents and cleaners shall be highly biodegradable and environmentally friendly. Soaps and deodorants available to guests shall be natural and organic. No usage of conventional cleaning products, since they contain chemical compounds.

Car-free accessibility

If tourist accommodation is accessible by public transportation, it shall provide this information to guests. This can be done by website, e-mail or other channels. We encourage the use of public transportation and advise tourism providers to offer “green mobility discounts” to increase the use of public transportation, bicycles, electric cars and car pooling.

Recovery & reuse of rainwater

The tourist accommodation recovers and reuses rainwater. Rainwater is collected and reused for secondary uses (flushing toilets, garden irrigation, etc.).

Green building

The tourist accommodation’s building has a high level of energy efficiency. It is designed in harmony with the natural features and resources surrounding the site. In order to reduce the environmental impact of the building, the accommodation uses materials from local sources, energy efficient technologies and takes care of the landscape surrounding it.

Solar thermal panels for hot water

The accommodation produces hot water from renewable energy sources using solar hot water systems. Solar hot water heating systems may also be used for pool heating or for indoor heating with an underfloor heating system.

Renewable energy

The electricity used by the accommodation comes from renewable energy sources such as sunlight, wind, rain and other renewable sources.

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