Oxa dreamland

The perfect synergy of nature and luxury on 3100 m2.

Three old stone cottages reconstructed in the traditional Mediterranean style provide everything you need.

Show your cooking skills in a fully equipped kitchen.

After lunch, while you drink fresh coffee from a coffee machine, a dishwasher will take care of the mess.

On Oxa Dreamland, you don’t take care of anything. You just enjoy. 

TV and AC are there, but you’ll rarely use them.


You won’t be inside. Cottages are carefully decorated, but still, nothing compares to the outside area. Use Wi-Fi to show your friends that you have found paradise.

Ancient dry-stone walls provide privacy so you can relax by the pool, surrounded by Mediterranean plants. Olives, figs, walnut, oaks, and cypresses are some of the trees you’ll find here. But the real stars are aromatic herbs whose strong scent will nourish your soul. Lavender and rosemary are the most famous, but Oxa Dreamland is full of surprises.

The Location of Oxa Dreamland

 Oxa Dreamland enjoys the protection of UNESCO because it is located in 2400 years old Hora-Ager field.

 Ancient Greeks divided the land and started cultivating it. Generation after generation keeps land cultivated to these days.

You will see a lot of olives and grapes. Donkey might surprise you. Sheep might cross your way while you ride a bicycle.

If you don’t have one, don’t worry. We have 5. Use them freely. Explore Ager with your friends. 

 When you get tired of cycling, find a place to rest.

Sun will restore your energy, birds will sing for you and the stunning male pheasant will most likely pay you a visit. 

 Just 800 m from the sea, Oxa dreamland gives you the best of both worlds. Beautiful Ager, full of life and crystal clear sea.

If you want to fully experience the sea, Leo (my partner) is the old sea wolf. He is a professional fisherman and chef which means he’ll take you to catch your own fish.

After the hunt with Leo, he will prepare you that same fish you caught. He’ll cook it the same way his grandma did, and she learned that from her grandma.

 Nothing beats tradition. Experience it and taste it here.

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