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Who we are

We are Brina and Miho Goravica. Our family has been part of the island community on Šipan for at least a couple of generations. Traditionally we have been fishermen and producers of olive oil, and we continue to maintain our olive gardens with great care and love to produce our own delicious olive oil. In the recent years we are becoming increasingly involved in tourism.

On our property we offer five completely equipped apartments. All of them have private balconies or terraces, or provide access to our garden so our guests can discover some fantastic views and enjoy the quiet natural atmosphere of island life.  

Our business concept

We believe in the future of sustainable tourism. In the past couple of years we have gradually introduced changes to our accommodation units and to our business processes to make sure we decrease our environmental impact.​

Property architecture

Interior and furniture

We make sure we use natural fabrics such as cotton and linen, that are healthy and create an accommodating natural home-like atmosphere. The indoor and the outdoor furniture is also mostly from natural materials.

Cleaning practices


We make sure we do our share by developing and operating our own composting process, and collecting glass and plastic bottles to bring them to the recycling centres on the mainland.

Community engagement

Having studied economy and economical processes and dependancies, we are aware that a system can only thrive when the individual “players” behave as contributors as opposed to competitors. Our community life and our connections with other local businesses are vital to the quality and the success of the services we provide. This is why we are proud to be partnering with some of the best local producers and service providers. We will recommend to you the best local restaurants that offer fresh local food made with local ingredients, will advise you on where you can get a simple yet unforgettably tasty wine tasting experience, and will introduce you to the reviving and calming high quality eco cosmetics of a talented local producer.

Sunce udruga za zaštitu okoliša

Association for Nature, Environment and Sustainable Development Sunce

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  • Project “Greening” Dalmatian Tourism Offer is financed within the co-financing of programs and projects for professional associations in tourism and hospitality in 2017.