Eco accommodation in Croatia

In Dalmatia, extra virgin olive oil, salted fish, Dalmatian prosciutto, goat cheese, fig jam, Mediterranean herbs, wines Plavac mali & Dingač and all sorts of spirits enjoy special prominence. Products made by local people actually have a soul and a story to tell. Check out a list of organic and local producers in Dalmatia!

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Tvrdić Honey

Eko škoj

OPG Vidović

Family farm Žampera

Na sri Porta

Tvrdić Honey

Give Bees a Chance!

To bee or not to bee?! The unique honey from island Šolta which is extracted from the wild rosemary flower has been wanted and appreciated since the antic ages. Learn about the fascinating life of bees, listen to the story about honey tradition, join the tastings, visit a real bee yard and bring back home your own honey that you make yourself.


Natural handmade cosmetics with packaging that grows

Nature comes first and Silvan cosmetics is made only by high quality cold processed organic oils. By using natural ingredients in the soap and by finding inspiration in the Illyrian culture for their design, they strive to bring man closer to nature and re-establish a connection that should have never been lost.

Their unique packaging contains seeds of meadow flowers so you can plant it and enjoy as it grows. Order online and get a piece of Dalmatia in your home!


Eko škoj

Organic products from island Korčula

Marović family members are enthusiasts in love with the island and its heritage. They are ecologically oriented olive producers, farmers and producers of organic food.

Various awards and recognitions guarantee high quality of their products. You can choose among fresh fruit and vegetables, organic extra virgin olive oil, Rakia, liqueurs, vermouth, marmalades & jams, herbal tea, traditional salty delicacies, traditional desserts, natural cosmetics, aromatic decorative plants and gift bags.


OPG Vidović

An oasis surrounded by ancient vineyards and olive trees on island Vis

Family Vidović is located in Dračevo polje (Dračevo field). This place is most known by its special red soil called ‘Tarac’, which is also a name for their wine brand with a specific flavor.

Their vineyard is about 80 years old with a type of grape that has been continuously growing for hundreds of years in this area. They use only traditional ecological techniques of production.

OPG Vidović is located on a special historic place, where time really stops. Feel the soul of island Vis through their wine, liquors, homemade natural syrup and organic products, such as marmalade, lavender gift bags, aromatic herbs and tea.

Šćulino 6, Dračevo polje, 21480 Vis

M: +385 91 938 82 67

Family farm Žampera

Goat cheese eco-certified producers from Dugi Otok

Include the visit of Žampera’s household estate in the village of Žman on Dugi otok in your green holidays plan. You can choose among goat cheese and extra virgin olive oil. All products have certificates proving natural and ecologically friendly cultivation and production!

Visit and taste their products. You will be immediately convinced by the outstanding natural flavor.

Žman, 23282 Dugi Otok

+385 23 372 071

Na sri Porta

Arts, Crafts & Souvenirs from Dugi Otok

If souvenir shopping is a mandatory element of your trip, Na sri Porta is a perfect place for
you! In this nice, unique and beautiful little store you can find authentic products from Dugi otok, such as:

Olive oil, wine, liquers, jam, souvenirs, jewellery, photos, cheese, traditional sweets, tea, honey and cometics line.

Sali 1, 23281 Sali, Dugi Otok

+385 91 377 5777